Achu Soup (Yellow Soup)

Achu Soup (Yellow Soup) – gloriously yellow, delicate soup prepared mostly in Cameroonian home cooking and fairly common in the Western and North West province. It is always paired with mashed/pounded achu coco (taro).


500 g Meat beef, tripe, cow skin
2 kg Coco Yams Taro
6-7 cups Water
1 tbsp. bouillon powder or maggie
2 tbsp. Achu Spices
1 hot pepper Habenero
Salt to taste

Important note

The side dish is “taro”. You can buy taro here on Afrosmartshop.
Achu spice can also be found/bought here.
Most spices cannot be identified individually by name. They are always grouped together – sold as Achu spice.

A little smoked fish adds another dimension to this dish.
The key to good achu soup is the right combination of kanwan and oil (when the soup separates, add a little kanwan and pulse again.


  1. In medium –sized saucepan boil meat, season with salt, hot pepper, and Maggie until tender (approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the choice of meat). You can shorten this process in half by using a pressure cooker. Reserve the stock (preferably 6 cups or more).
  2. Boil the cow skin and tripe together or you may do so separately until tender. Remove cow skin, tripe. Set aside.
  3. Let the stock come to room temperature before using.
  4. While meat is boiling grind limestone and warm
  5. In a blender, pulse stock, limestone, oil and achu spice, until all the ingredients have been fully incorporated and it has turned into yellowish color.
  6. Adjust salt and Maggie according to taste.
  7. Voila achu soup- you may add the meat at the point or serve with meat on the side.

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