Ndolè recipe

This Cameroonian dish is a combination of peanuts, bitter leaves, meat, dried shrimp, and oil. It tastes like stew spinach, but it’s even better! It is prepared with aromatic spices and can be prepared in so many ways with more or less vegetables and meat, depending on your personal taste.


500 g Beef
2-3 cups oil (vegetable oil)
2 tbsp. Maggi (Bouillon)
250 g Shrimp
1 Large Onion ( sliced)
5 Garlic cloves

Important note

If you are using fresh spinach, wash the leaves well. Rinse them thoroughly. Chop the spinach and blanch for 2 minutes.
Alternatively, you can use frozen chopped spinach.

If using dry bitter leaves soak overnight and cook for 15 minutes using 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate soda. Rinse thoroughly and drain.

Dry crayfish can be bought here at Afrosmartshop.

This dish is ideally eaten with bobolo / manioc (fermented manioc) or fried plantain


  1. In a large pan season meat with salt, maggi and onions and boil until tender depending on the choice of meat. Meanwhile, boil stock fish with salt and water; add it to the boiled meat. You should have about 3 cups of stock from the meat and stock fish. Reserve the rest or freeze it.
  2. Boil peanuts for about 10 minutes in a sauce pan. Let it cool and blend/pulse in a food processor or blender into a fine consistency use water to facilitate the blending .Add to the mixture of beef and stockfish.
  3. Blend one onion and garlic into a fine paste and add to the mixture of peanuts and meat.
  4. Pour in the crayfish and let it simmer for 10 minutes stirring frequently to prevent burns. Season with salt and Maggi. You might have to add more later
  5. Add the bitter leaves or spinach to the pot. Stir and simmer for several minutes more
  6. While the pot of ndole is simmering, heat oil in a fry pan or, preferably a cast iron. Add the shrimp, stirring constantly until they just turn pink. Slice and add the remaining onions stir for a few more minutes.
  7. Finally incorporate the mixture of shrimp, onions and oil into the pot of Ndole. Stir for a few minutes and serve hot with any of the sides mentioned above.

Ndole en 1 medium

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