This Provider Agreement is between Afrosmartshop (the online platform provider) and the “Seller” and is supplemented by the Terms and Conditions and the remaining policies and regulations.
By registering as a seller, you accept this agreement. This Agreement may be revoked or modified by either party in writing within 30 days.

Afrosmartshop reserves the right to change, supplement or delete individual points of this agreement and the General Terms and Conditions. Significant changes will be announced 30 days before the changes come into force. The changes will come into effect when they are published on the website. By continuing to use the service, the seller acknowledges all changes made.

As a seller, you agree that all images, product information and other information provided by you on are (1) truthful, accurate and not misleading or misleading; (2) will not infringe any intellectual property right (such as a trademark, patent, copyright, proprietary or other right of publicity or privacy) of any third party; (3) violate any applicable law, rule or regulation; (4) is not defamatory, unlawfully threatening, harassing; and (5) result in no liability of Afrosmartshop. Afrosmartshop is not responsible and / or liable in relation to the content of the shop.

You also agree not to offer or sell any product that violates Afrosmartshop’s restrictions or prohibitions.
You agree that all products offered in your store (a) comply with all laws and regulations applicable to such products; (b) authentic, authorized for sale and not stolen, counterfeit, illegal or mislabeled; (c) comply with the manufacturer’s mandatory reserve price and/or usage guidelines.
Afrosmartshop reserves the right to remove any product it deems to be in violation of this Agreement, the Terms of Use or any other Afrosmartshop policy.
In an effort to provide relevant products and information and to improve the customer’s shopping experience, Afrosmartshop will, from time to time, add product information, group similar products together or otherwise vary the presentation of product data. You acknowledge that errors may occur and that you

Afrosmartshop will not be held responsible for any damage or loss caused as a result or claim damages.
Afrosmartshop works with retail and advertising networks to increase awareness of the products listed on Afrosmartshop. You consent to Afrosmartshop sharing product information and images and other information from your shop with such networks for promotional purposes.

Responsibility for processing an order once it has been placed by the buyer rests solely with the seller. The seller is responsible and liable at his own expense for the handling, this includes but is not limited to: packaging and shipping the product, arranging and paying a shipping company (depending on the shipping chosen), handling import/export formalities and/or payment any applicable customs and processing fees. Seller agrees that title and risk of loss of the Product shall remain with Seller until actual delivery to Buyer. If a seller cannot ship all the items ordered, he must inform the buyer of this.

1. Dispatch of orders: It is the seller’s responsibility to provide correct shipping conditions for all products in his shop and to process all returns correctly. The seller sends the products purchased by the customer by (I) handing over the ordered items to a shipping company or a forwarding agent within the processing time specified by him for the item or in his shipping conditions and (II) by changing the processing status on by informing the seller about the Shipping informed. The seller hereby declares that he will only change the status after the product has actually been sent to the customer.
2. Cancellations, Returns and Refunds: Seller is responsible for processing cancellations, returns and refunds and/or goodwill price adjustments.
3. Recommended bonus points: a seller who fulfills 95% of the orders received in a 30-day period and receives good reviews from his customers will be listed among the selected or recommended shops for the next 14 days.

Fees: Afrosmartshop currently charges a fee of €1 plus 15% of the final value, which is the total value of a completed transaction carried out by a seller on Afrosmartshop. The final value is the total amount the customer pays at checkout.

Cancellations: Fees will not be charged if a customer cancels their order before it ships.

Product Replacement: When replacing products, the charges will be based on the original order value.

Payment processing: Sellers need a valid Paypal account and bank account, the relevant data and any changes must be communicated to Afrosmartshop. All transactions are processed either by bank transfer or PayPal’s secure transaction system.

Seller is required to document all transactions and sales in accordance with its accounting obligations and to comply with tax regulations. This also includes but is not limited to any contractual penalties that may be incurred. Any reference to taxes in this Agreement means all taxes and fees, including but not limited to value added tax, any special taxes or surcharges, import or export duties, and any additional taxes and fees related thereto.

The place of jurisdiction for all disputes or claims related to this agreement or the resulting business relationship of the parties involved or their authorized representatives is Calw in Germany, regardless of whether the business relationship still exists or not. All parties involved submit to the jurisdiction of such court.