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Kondres (Spicy Stewed Plantains)

This popular Cameroonian stew with spicy, spicy steamed plantains, meat and vegetables is just plain exotic and delicious! It is widely known as Kondres and is firmly from the part part of Cameroon - contacts from the Bamelieke tribe. The ultimate African comfort food that is truly caring and wholesome.

Achu Soup (Yellow Soup)

Achu Soup (Yellow Soup) – gloriously yellow, delicate soup prepared mostly in Cameroonian home cooking and fairly common in the Western and North West province. It is always paired with mashed/pounded achu coco (taro).


This Cameroonian dish is a combination of peanuts, bitter leaves, meat, dried shrimp, and oil. It tastes like stew spinach, but it's even better! It is prepared with aromatic spices and can be prepared in so many ways with more or less vegetables and meat, depending on your personal taste.